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Making The Best Dry Bulk Chartering Solution Even Better

Making The Best Dry Bulk Chartering Solution Even Better

According to the Pareto principle, in most cases 20% of the effort results in 80% of the outcome. Accordingly, with perfectionism in mind, the remaining 80% of what one does is spent on the remaining 20% of the product that one continuously endeavors to make flawless.  

We at AXSMarine have never been satisfied with "good enough" and our AXSDry platform is the showcase of not sparing those 80% of final effort to continuously strive for perfection. 

To that end, we are excited to showcase a wide range of updates to our market-leading solution for Dry Bulk chartering. 

The Next-Next-gen Vessel Manager

Last year, we released the brand new Ship List module, and we have continued  improving it. From the get-go, it was capable of calculating individual vessel freight rates in a tonnage list for specific cargoes in seconds thanks to its Smart Calculator integration. A user could thus easily find the best ship or the best cargo in terms of ROI, which would maximize their revenue.

Ship List is also fully integrated with our CO2 emissions solutions, estimating CO2 exposure and indicating CII voyage rating for each vessel in the list for that specific voyage. 

Thanks to the flawless inter-module cooperability with Trade Flows, Ship List allows its users to quickly see the last cargoes carried which can for example speed up identifying grain cleaned vessels and a lot more. 

Visual voyage identification

One of the main focus points behind the development of our latest modules has always been the speed provided to its users' workflows. While analysts love interpreting enormous data grids, sometimes professionals in the industry need all the Big Data presented in a simple visual format.  

The Ship List and Ship Info modules naturally come equipped with Map and Satellite displays for AIS events. We have improved on these functionalities by making it easier for users to identify separate stages of voyages through the use of color coding. It thus takes only a glance at a vessel's voyage history to make out how much time was spent waiting at anchorages, sailing at sea, and loading and discharging at berths.  

The interactivity in both Ship List and Ship Info allows AXSDry users to drill down and inspect individual signal points of a vessel's AIS track, providing popups for every transmitted event. With attention to detail, this is also available for more time-intensive voyages, such as crossing the Pacific Ocean. 

Full control over your vessel search

Ship List allows its users to choose their preferred display of open position for ships returned from their queries: the most forward open dates or the most recently updated open position. 

Interconnectivity and cross-platform ease of use

Our partnership with SEDNA enables mutual customers and users to export AXSMarine data based on templates directly into SEDNA. 

Emails containing ships' open positions or market orders, made available in AXSDry thanks to AXSReader, can be answered or forwarded with one click straight into the SEDNA email solution. 

So, is it perfect now?

Even with all these updates to AXSDry, our philosophy means we will not sit back and relax. We'll continue to put in the effort required to continuously strive for perfection. Stay tuned, as additional exciting AXSDry upgrades will be coming soon

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