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Getting the Tools Needed to Comply with IMO2023

Getting the Tools Needed to Comply with IMO2023

The smorgasbord of regulations and variables

We know that since the start of the year everyone in the industry has been scrambling to comply with IMO's latest CO2 emission requirements. These cover both technical measures like vessel design and equipment, as well as operational measures like energy efficiency. With new parameters to follow such as EEXI, CII, AER and EEOI, this task has become increasingly challenging.

This is where our focus has been pointed towards for a while now. Continuing our mission of helping the industry stay compliant with IMO2023 GHG regulations, our specifically designed tools are expanding.

Monitoring the entire fleet

Our latest addition is an interactive report in AXSInsights. It estimates CO2 emissions, CII, CII Rating, and EEOI per vessel for the entire Dry Bulk fleet. The data behind this emissions report in AXSInsights helps users gauge the impact the fleet has on the environment.

The calculation the CO2 emissions in our latest tool starts with the generation of speed and consumption curves for laden and ballast legs based on our own database. We take into account the standard emission factors of HSFO, VLSFO, and LSMGO fuels and measure total voyage emissions based on AIS-detected operations carried out by the particular vessel in a particular voyage, detailed in Trade Flows.

CII and EEOI are also estimated through a transparent and consistent methodology using our proprietary datasets and Trade Flows data for voyage duration, speed and cargo intake. An individual graph is then generated per vessel, visualizing the required CII, its upper, lower, inferior and superior boundaries, compared against the vessels' actual CII as calculated by our new tool.

The emissions dashboard provides full voyage history of each vessel, as well as its CO2 emissions evolution per year. An overview of the entire Dry Bulk fleet, broken down by fleet segments, is available for filtering in order to gain a more macro-focused analysis. Our users will be able to take quick and informed decisions in order to stay within IMO guidelines when either selecting a vessel for a voyage or analyzing the impact of any fleet segment on the market.

Voyage calculation in full detail

The emissions dashboard in AXSInsights will provide one with extensive info on AIS-derived completed laden and ballast legs. But we've also developed several other tools for our users calculating CO2 emissions and cost, EEIO, AER, CII and alignment deltas for any upcoming voyages.

Our Estimator module in AXSDry has already been enhanced for over a year to provide all relevant carbon emissions data for any single voyage that one has complete control over. Each stage of the voyage can be fully customized through specific vessels and desired sequences.

Not only does it allow users to be aware of emissions and costs in advance, but also provides them with the ability to easily see how route and other voyage parameter changes affect the end results.

Sometimes all you need is speed

Our CO2 suite includes a tool optimized for quick operations when working with multiple vessels at once. The Smart Calculator in both AXSDry and AXSTanker takes all the essential information for a voyage and returns its results simultaneously for each vessel in a simple grid.

It can return results for an unlimited number of vessels simultaneously, provided they are suitable for the parameters set by the user.

Making GHG compliance a breeze

Our CO2-oriented tools are unique, requiring the least amount of manual input from our users, compared to other options available on the market. One's workflow remains virtually the same, with the benefit of the additional output.

Our mission continues to entail providing the shipping industry the tools it needs to stay compliant with environmental regulations.

You can check out more details about our CO2 and CII suite at https://public.axsmarine.com/co2emissions-and-cii.

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