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Voyage Calculation in an Instant

Voyage Calculation in an Instant

Our Voyage Calculator tool, which now comes with a built-in CO2 emissions calc functions, is the go-to option when one needs a detailed breakdown of the various costs involved in a Dry Bulk voyage.

Now, we're providing our users with an alternative, which has been optimized for speed. Our new Smart Calculator is an AXSDry tool allowing them to run quick voyage calculations for multiple vessels.

The new calculator takes all the essential information for a voyage and returns its results simultaneously for each vessel in a simple grid. Its users have the option to input commodity types, quantities and tolerance, load and discharge rates, multiple voyage legs including bunkering operations, waiting times and DAs at each port, vessel constants, bunker costs, as well as time charter or freight rates.

The Smart Calculator can return results for an unlimited number of vessels simultaneously, provided they are suitable for the parameters set by the user. On top of time charter equivalent (TCE) and freight costs, it also calculates total CO2 emissions for each vessel for the specific voyage, as well as Energy Efficiency Operating Indicator (EEOI) and Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER) values.

We've always known that speed is a key factor in shipping, but in the modern age of digitalization it's vital. Our new Smart Calculator takes the essentials from our Voyage Calculator module and streamlines them for higher rate of work. All the calculations now take place within Vessel Manager, and one can see how multiple vessels would perform in the same voyage at a single glance.

The Smart Calculator also allows a user to individually touch up the results by inputting info such as owners' ideas of rates for each vessel in the grid. It also makes it quick and easy for users to monitor the environmental impact of each potential voyage to stay within GHG guidelines.

Check out furter details about our time-saving solutions that have helped 18,000+ users worldwide.

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