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The all-in-one Dry bulk
chartering solution

The greatest combination of tools
and data to support your chartering business needs.

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This unique solution delivers you a full set of interactive
powerful tools combined with accurate data.

Forget manual updates

Extract open positions from emails instantly. Automatically updates your ships database. An incredible costs & efficiency optimizer.

Live tonnage management tool

Run any possible search. Store & work on hundreds of ship position lists. Run private or share lists in co-working mode. This live system can alert you on any change.

All you need at your disposal

Full details of 23,000+ ships, open positions. Fixtures & sales, live AIS position & more, Last voyages, matching cargoes etc. Manage also your own private file.

AIS-only detection of idle ships is not accurate

An idle ship can in fact move. An employed ship can in turn be idle. We deliver true facts that matter to you.

An eagle-eye view of shipping

Ships and cargoes in real time on a map. Crunch the unexpected from a new angle.

Developed for your needs

Fully embedded with our 8000+ port database. Complete integration of ECA & Piracy areas. Deep interactivity with Voyage Calculator.

Make informed decisions

Fully compliant with IMO2020 and embedded with all data & distance table, bunker prices, ports DA, vessel's specs, etc. Run and compare multiple scenarios.

Make the sharpest possible estimates

Compare instantly complex freight calculations. Select the most cost-effective cargoes. Use pre-defined matrices or your own.

Do not miss cargoes any more

Cargoes extracted from emails converted immediately into data, populating your database. One-click-matching ships function.

Make the best out of what is around

A game changer in the form of a collaborative tool to manage private or market orders. The best matching ships are always one click away and, here, this is for real!

Size matters, details too

Accurately estimate trip based on true routes. Port & transshipment areas all identified. Line-up reports, restrictions, etc.

An industry topical subject

Live display of ships operating in ports and berths. Historical ships calls, forthcoming calls, forecast.

Fast and easy checking

Terminals & berths details, restrictions. DA's by ships categories, call durations. Direct upload from the Voyage Calculator.

Historicals & Forecasts

Derive market trend assessments from here. Voyage duration and economics vary, while the congestion factor is often underestimated.

Understand interacting factors

Run analyses and produce smart conclusions from a complex environment. Cross-check ships' effective speeds, port congestion, idle ships ratio, freight rates.

Monitor the market

Live fixtures and thousands of historical ones. Manage your own private fixtures.

Make yourself creative

Generate attention-grabbing reports for your clients. Combine multiple market data as you wish. Exceed your clients' expectations.

Taylor-made for the industry

A company-wide tree-structured address book for a perfect management of distribution lists. Keeps track of people’s movement between companies. Prevents creation of duplicate entries.

Because attention requires focus

An internal information exchange platform. Focus and retain your colleagues' attention on what really matters.

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