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Our Community - meet Thomas Matellini

Our Community - meet Thomas Matellini

Our VP of Sales - Thomas Matellini plays a role in steering client relationships and guiding sales strategies in the maritime industry. Thomas' deep understanding and visionary approach to sales ensure the delivery of exceptional service and growth within the sector.

How has AXSMarine helped you to develop professionally, and what skills have you learned while working here?

AXSMarine has exposed me to various companies in the maritime industry. I have had the opportunity to interact with a charterer, ship owner or operator, ship broker, traders or any other maritime organization. It’s fascinating to understand the unique requirements, workflows, challenges and pain-points that each type of organization experiences, and how AXSMarine has been able to support them.
Being part of a global industry has enabled me to engage with stakeholders at all levels, and from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.
Working at AXSMarine has exposed me to technologies, data and work processes that I was unaware of. I have enhanced my knowledge and developed my expertise in these fields.

My knowledge both in the maritime and technology industry has improved substantially since I started at AXSMarine over 12 years ago.

What are the values that you will never betray?

“My word is my bond” is a famous phrase in the shipping industry and I certainly go by it. I believe that being honest and upfront with team members and clients is the best way forward, enabling the building of trust and solid relationships.
Hard work and treating people well are at the core of who I am, simple principles that are often taken for granted but not always present in every workplace. Those values will always guide me.


How do you manage the everyday work challenges?

I try to put a positive spin on challenges that come up. I’m very lucky to work with a great team, that is very supportive and fosters an open and honest culture. It is highly satisfying when challenges are overcome through collaborative efforts, and often working directly with our clients.

What motivated you to pursue a career in the maritime industry, and how did you get started at AXSMarine?

My father, uncle and cousins all served in the navy, and my brother was an oceanographer, so I’ve always had an association and fascination with maritime life. Having grown up near one of the main ports in Peru, meant that many of my friends and family worked in the industry. During the 90s, my father was chairman of the Peruvian port authority and helped privatize several ports. As a young kid, I was frequently in and around ports. This had a big influence on me as I was growing up and began learning about the shipping industry.
After my first job in shipping, finishing my MBA, and exploring my next steps, a recruiter introduced me to AXSMarine. It was a career path that sounded very interesting – technology and shipping, at a time of significant growth for startups in London. It seemed like an intriguing opportunity. Back in 2010, I saw it as the future of the maritime industry with incredible learning potential. I can certainly say it was the right career choice.


What is your favorite hobby? 

Having played professional football for several years in my early days, naturally football is one of my biggest passions and hobbies. I continue to play it regularly and there is nothing like the buzz before kick-off!
Football is a team sport, and you can’t win without every single player turning up and giving the game everything, they’ve got. It reminds me of the importance of building a highly skilled team around you and instilling the right values and environment to succeed. Another parallel is how team members have different needs, challenges and motivations, and one must adjust and know how to address each one of them in order to get the best and most out of each team member.

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