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The ultimate solution to analyze ships,
commodity movements and trends

Your competitive edge with a strategic industry understanding


Identify commodity flows and ship
trading patterns.


Analyze commodity types, volumes and
charterer's activities.


Macro and micro data of trade flows
between zones, countries, ports or berths.


Monitor your competition activities
and their fleet deployment.


Differentiate laden from ballast


From high-level consolidated figures
down to single voyage details.

shipping market analysis

Reduce your market analysis costs and make faster informed decisions using Trade Flows

shipping data


Saves you from buying expensive data feeds or building complex tools.
Data is screened and pre-cleaned.

Vessel Manager integration

Full integration with
AXSMarine Ship List

  • Enjoy our state-of-the-art SaaS platform and its user-friendly interface.
  • Powerful pivot grid with preset and customizable displays.
  • Generate immediate reports containing true intelligence.
  • Easy export function of the results to be used with your preferred tools.
  • Built-in search or import of your tailor-made ships lists into AXSMarine Trade Flows to monitor their trading patterns.
  • Immediate access to ship & port descriptions, calculator, distance table, bunker prices etc.
  • Speed figures fluctuation analysis per ship type. Split of time at sea, in port or at anchorage.
  • Live access to ships in ports and historical port call data.
  • Ships movement history by port.

Created by shipping IT specialists
in close cooperation with industry
experts & analysts

Our proprietary algorithms will deliver you the best combination
of multiple layer datasets:

  • Refined and constantly updated AIS feeds for maximum accuracy.
  • AXSMarine proprietary ship database over the past 15 years.
  • AXSMarine proprietary & unrivalled state-of-the-art 50,000+ polygons network defining ports, berths, anchorages, sailing routes.
  • 8,000 proprietary port database & related berths.
  • Comprehensive fixture database & data-mined line-up reports.
  • Additional market intelligence & input from highly skilled market analysts.
  • Finely defined embedded Business Rules.

Identify vessel and commodity flows in:


The online solution for Dry bulk chartering professionals

Gain full details of vessel and port database, open positions fixtures and live AIS vessel tracking/finder.

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The greatest combination of tools and data to support your tanker chartering business needs

Indicate positions of over 8,000 ships, update tonnage, prepare position lists, or consult the tanker register, port database, and distance tables.

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The analytical and assessment solution for tanker professionals

Employ multiple layers of commercial and technical data with refined AIS coverage to provide 24/7 market coverage.

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The one-click integration and data injection into various systems

Access the advanced shipping API solution to set up auto-population of raw data feeds, eliminating the need of manual updates.

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