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How to Foster Transparency in the Market

How to Foster Transparency in the Market

In these series of short interviews, we share our clients' heartwarming feedback on using our various solutions. Be sure to read until the end, might find their challenges similar and, hopefully, make your way to the solution faster.

Our guest is Sandra Koch, Director Market Intelligence on behalf of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Hapag-Lloyd

What was it like before you had Alphaliner's solutions?

We have been using Alphaliner for years already. Excel or PDF reports also provided some transparency earlier, but Alphaliner’s solutions are constantly updated.

What problems were you trying to solve with Alphaliner?

I wouldn’t state that we were trying to “solve problems”, but we use it as a neutral market source which offers in-depth and reliable market analysis.

What have you been able to achieve since?

Alphaliner's products have empowered us to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. With access to comprehensive market analysis, we've been able to identify and capitalize on opportunities, resulting in more strategic and successful decision-making. We have further reduced the time and resources previously spent on manual tasks, allowing our team to focus on more strategic aspects of our business.

How Alphaliner stands out from other alternatives?

What sets Alphaliner's solutions apart from other alternatives is their unparalleled combination of accuracy, comprehensiveness, reputation, and user-friendly accessibility combined with exceptional customer support.

Describe your experience with us in one word:

If I were to use one word to describe our experience with Alphaliner, it would be "solid." This term underscores the consistent and reliable nature of our interactions with your company. Alphaliner has reliably delivered on its promises, providing us with essential data and analysis in a stable and dependable manner.

Is there anything else that you would like add?

Alphaliner's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has been evident throughout our partnership. They consistently update and enhance their services, ensuring that we have access to the latest tools and insights in the shipping industry.

Overall, our experience working with Alphaliner has been highly positive. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and benefiting from their expertise in the future.


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