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Fix Lucrative Opportunities Faster (Updated)

Fix Lucrative Opportunities Faster (Updated)

Update 19/12/2022: 

We organized a webinar on this topic, detailing how AXSMarine and SEDNA work together to help you take quick and informed decisions. You can get the video (on demand) from the link below and check out the benefits our platforms provide.

Feel like time is never enough?

We know from experience that viewing thousands of tonnage and cargo emails bombarding your inbox every day takes precious time. Time, which can be much better used for other, more lucrative activities. This is why it’s been a long-standing objective of ours to eliminate all of the manual labour involved in processing your work emails.

The top pain point for companies using multiple systems is the inefficiency caused by a disconnect between their business goals, software, and data sets. AXSMarine and SEDNA recognize these challenges, and our partnership will create a united environment of online tools and data, providing a competitive edge for our mutual clients.

We've got the solution

Our latest partnership with SEDNA, an intelligent email solution, is another step we’re taking to achieve our objective of streamlining email data flow processing for the shipping industry. The AXSMarine and SEDNA integration will boost workflow efficiency, delivering users seamless use of their preferred tools.

"By the time you have pulled data from multiple systems and sources, copied it into a spreadsheet or just another third-party product, it may be too late at today’s pace of business. Someone else might have won that fixture hidden in the avalanche of emails. Insights from email content is no longer a dream, achieved jointly by this integration: structured data is at the users’ fingertips, easily accessible and secure.",  said Jacques Goudchaux, AXSMarine CEO.

What are the benefits?

"The AXSMarine + SEDNA collaboration aggregates decades of knowledge and expertise with proven track records. Our partnership combines speed, reliability, and flexibility to optimize communication and ensure all data is interconnected.", shared Bill Dobie, CEO at SEDNA.

By leveraging their private and our shared extensive market data with SEDNA's collaboration features, each user will be able to fix voyages and charters faster and with complete confidence. They'll also be able to act instantly as soon as a suitable cargo or vessel appears in their emails.

Our integration also ensures automated email tagging powered by AXSReader, extraction of key metadata, initiation of SEDNA emails directly from AXSMarine's Cargobook and other modules, as well as automated email composition, position and cargo list publishing.

By offering users a truly integrated alternative to multiple non-integrated solutions, AXSMarine and SEDNA are bringing business capabilities to a level that is second to none. Our companies share the same vision and are both dedicated to serving the shipping community. This partnership is a logical step in making the client's life much easier.

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