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The Next-Gen 360 Vessel Manager is Here

The Next-Gen 360 Vessel Manager is Here

Need for change not always recognized

There's a famous adage attributed to Henry Ford that goes something like "If [he] had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses". Well, according to the Harvard Business Review, Henry Ford never uttered those exact words, but there's a reason why they have stuck throughout the years.

Embroiled in our daily tasks and duties, we grow comfortable with the tools at our disposal and will much more likely try to make something work with what we have in hand, rather than utilize revolutionary ideas that make our jobs easier.

The next step for vessel management in the digital age

Our well-known and trusted Vessel Manager tool, recently retitled Shiplist, helps users keep control of all vessel data and monitor the Dry Bulk fleet worldwide. Now, we're super excited to release its evolutionary 360 successor. 

Our new Shiplist module takes advantage of the latest technology available in the digital world to provide the complete package one needs to manage their lists. 

This brand-new 360 tool was designed with ease of succession in mind. It looks and feels very similar to our trusted Vessel Manager while bringing so much more.

Speed is key in shipping

The new Shiplist module is quicker, more efficient, and capable of displaying much more data in a single screen through its advanced technology. Its search engine returns up to 10,000 results with all their detailed data available in a single grid.

If one would ever need more than 10,000 vessels through their search filters, our new module will compile the results on the world map, providing a quick and detailed overview of the monitored fleet. 

Privacy or collaboration – you choose

Shiplist now comes with multiple live data sharing options, ensuring the highest levels of collaboration between a team, within an entire company, or the whole global market. Its users can assign individual roles to each user account in their organization for a full flexibility of access control. Simultaneously, client’s private data is kept completely safe and secure by design. 

Naturally, Shiplist comes equipped with multiple data extraction options for easy data integration with custom inhouse tools. Our trademark interconnectivity between the other platform modules is also implemented and improved. One can easily navigate and interact with vessel lists, cargo orders, market fixtures, voyage estimations, our Trade Flows solution, and all other modules in our systems, including the recently released Smart Calculator.

The Smart Calculator returns Freight and TCE results for multiple vessels simultaneously. In addition to the time charter equivalent (TCE) and freight rate, it also provides an estimate of the total CO2 emissions for each vessel for the specific voyage and displays estimates for the Energy Efficiency Operating Indicator (EEOI) and Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER).  

The latest addition to our extensive portfolio of tools allows users to further refine the results by recording current owners' ideas for each vessel directly in the grid. The integration of the CO2 calculator within the Smart Calculator makes it quick and easy for users to assess the potential environmental impact of each vessel. 


User experience simplified

As Forbes writes, UX plays a pertinent part in the development of a new product. We've always known that the customers come first, and we've always taken ours' feedback in mind. The intuitive Shiplist UI was designed to facilitate more efficient workflows, providing one with the necessary edge over competitors throughout their daily tasks. With all the functions within a single click of a button, we've made sure that controlling relevant vessel information is now easier than ever. 

Get a glimpse of the future right now

Eager to find more details about the next-gen Shiplist module? Our team will be happy to show you everything one can achieve on the next level of digitalization in shipping. 


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