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The Tanker chartering solution
for competitive ship brokers.

The Tanker chartering solution
for competitive ship brokers.

The Tanker chartering solution
for competitive ship brokers.

19+ years of leadership in supporting your chartering business needs.

Why AXSTanker?



Obtain advanced trade, commercial
and technical details: fixtures history,
second-hand transactions, port calls,
bunker consumption and more.

Take advantage of live AIS data and
view ships' open positions.

Manage and monitor
own private fixtures inserts or
access the public pool.


Get thoughtful insights on the global
tanker fleet and search through any set
of parameters: commodity flows,
voyage speeds, load and discharge
durations, STS operations, etc.

50,000+ proprietary polygons
combined with the most robust
tracking terrestrial and satellite sources
collect, analyze, clean and deliver
ever-evolving data intelligence.

Export the stats that matter to you in a
user-friendly format.



Benefit from vessels' questionnaires
availability in-hand.

Access completely organized
system of ports, terminals, berths,
and anchorages.

Stay up to date with the latest bunker
prices for all fuel types, powered
by BunkerEx.

Cooperate effectively with
co-workers worldwide and foster
collaboration within the team.

Flawless and advanced data sync

Fed up by manual input of
vessels' open positions?

AXSReader: scans, processes, and organizes
complex email data:

Ships positions' email data is scanned by AI
to provide you with the most accurate market view.

Shipping data is directly inserted in AXSTanker for
you to access the latest and most accurate info.

Data privacy and security by design are embedded
throughout and your data is kept protected and safe.

Learn more about AXSReader


Optimize your market
analysis costs and make
better informed decisions

Trade Flows gets you there:

Dig into the ultimate insights on commodity trends
and movements, volumes and charterers' activities.

Obtain macro and micro data of trade flows between
zones, countries, ports and berths.

Learn more about Trade Flows

Understanding the shipping
patterns that matter to you

Become the master of your own analyses
with API Hub:

Apps, devices and people are seamlessly connected,
efficiently sharing data and processes.

Up-to-date raw data to complete custom analysis.

Security best practices by design all across our
workflow and applications.

Learn more about API Hub

Access the visual aid to
interactive shipping insights

Save time and enjoy actionable data with AXSInsights:

Shipping intelligence on commodities, AIS speeds,
Ton-mile and much more, boosted by proprietary datasets.

Predefined data visualization help you tell impactful stories.

An intuitive portal that replaces manual processes.

The learning curve of third-party integrations is eliminated.

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