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A New Tool For The Tanker Community

A New Tool For The Tanker Community

Combining innovation and speed

In modern-day shipping, providing new tech must always be married to the purpose of boosting user efficiency. This mindset is vital when developing products for the digitalization of the shipping industry.

Our latest contribution to the tanker community

We recently introduced a Smart Calculator for the Dry Bulk community. Following the highly positive reception by its users, we're now providing our Tanker solutions with a similar tool, specially designed for their own business needs.

Our Tanker Smart Calculator implements a similar technology to its Dry forerunner but comes with features specific to shipping professionals dealing with Wet cargoes.

The speed with which it serves the users is the main advantage it brings to the table. The Tanker Smart Calculator can run quick voyage calculations for many vessels at the same time and return the results in a single grid.

How it works

It takes all key data for a voyage – cargo grade and quantity; load, discharge, bunkering and repositioning locations and waiting times; port DAs; bunker costs on multiple fuel types, voyage ballast and laden speeds; and can calculate based on multiple rate types.

The Tanker Smart Calculator then returns the results for all vessels in the query suitable for the parameters set by its user. Apart from a TC Return, it provides results for CO2 emissions for each vessel for the specific voyage, as well as Energy Efficiency Operating Indicator (EEOI) and Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER) values. The scrubber-fitted status of the vessels and ECA zones along the routes are also taken into consideration.

Get an edge over your competitors

With our latest Smart Calculator implementation, Tanker users are gaining a boost in one of the crucial factors in the market – speed. The latest tech in the platform provides them with an improved work rate with the added bonus of precision. Its main benefit is the amount of information it can provide in a single screen. We’re certain that the potential for a direct comparison between similar vessels going on the same route within the Shiplist module will be as highly appreciated by the Tanker community, just as it was by their Dry Bulk fellows.

The Tanker Smart Calculator is also an environmentally friendly tool, allowing its users to gauge the environmental impact of each potential voyage and comply with GHG guidelines.

Check out more details about our latest time-saving tools to see how you can benefit from them.

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