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Our Community - meet Jan Tiedemann

Our Community - meet Jan Tiedemann

Our VP Liner strategy - Jan Tiedemann takes care of all the vessel data we provide to our customers. Jan inspires with his dedication tо liner shipping industry and in-depth market intelligence analysis.

What is your mission in AXSMarine?

My mission is to ensure our platform Alphaliner remains the industry’s leading resource for the liner shipping industry.
This involves managing a team of top-tier analysts who provide our clients with exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else. To achieve this, we must see things that others don’t see, hear things that others don’t hear, and be the first to know and report.
I remember that ten years ago, a newspaper called us "the container ship detectives”. That’s a bit over the top, but it still catches the essence of what we do. My team and I manage relations with a multitude of industry players such as ocean carriers, ship owners, terminal operators, shipyards, banks, or investment funds.
In addition, I play a role in further developing our platform, so we can continue to provide our clients the needed data and market intelligence solutions in a fast-changing business environment.
I’m also one of the ”known faces” of the company as I frequently represent AXSMarine – and particularly Alphaliner - as an expert speaker at conferences, trade fairs, and in board rooms around the globe.


How do you manage the everyday work challenges?

Luckily, I really like what I do. That’s why long working days and demanding deadlines do not feel all too stressful for me, and I try to keep a smile most of the time.
I’ve also grown to appreciate the individual personalities and strengths of my colleagues and business partners. While nobody is perfect, our community thrives because each member is an expert in their field, contributing immense value to our final product.
However, I recognize my lack of patience as an area for improvement. The sense that things move too slowly is a challenge for me, and cultivating more patience is my next goal for personal growth.

What skill do you believe is essential for success in your role at AXSMarine?

In today’s digital world, there’s always either too little or too much market information out there. On the one hand, you will find numerous sources that give you what looks like a wealth of intel.
However, these are often incomplete, incorrect, or even downright contradictive. Quite often, what you find is also skewed to promote a certain agenda or narrative.
On the other hand, crucial bits, and pieces of info – very often the all-important “missing part” – are increasingly difficult to find.
My main skill in this respect is my ability to separate incorrect and misleading chatter from relevant and concise market intelligence. 
This requires years of experience and broad industry knowledge that covers all aspects of shipping from the technical, operational, and commercial sides.

What is your favorite hobby? 

My hobbies are traveling and photography, and of course I love to combine them. Since I love the ocean, cities, ports, and ships, I try to travel as much as possible: especially on ferries.
I have crossed many of the world’s seas and I sailed on hundreds of ships ranging from modern passenger ferries to rusty freighters. During my travels, I often contact the shipping line to arrange meetings with the captain and crew, either on the bridge or in the engine room.
Having first-hand knowledge of how ships and ports work helps me to keep my research grounded in reality. It also earns me some extra credibility, since decision makers see that I am passionate about what I do.
Another plus: Many of my maritime photos end up in our products where they illustrate port and vessel news.
I am also passionate about architecture, urban planning, movies, music, and tasty food – but all this has not found its way into my professional environment yet. Maybe it’s good that some hobbies don’t mix with work.

How did your path lead you to AXSMarine? 

A good friend of mine and I started an online database for container ships in the early 2000’s. We did this purely for fun and as a hobby. 
Back then, the internet was not what it is today, so our website looked simplistic, and its functions were basic. Nevertheless, it quickly attracted customers all around the world since we were among the only ones out there offering that kind of vessel data in one place. 
In mid-2007, I received a call from BRS Group and AXSMarine who asked whether I wanted to come join them, live in Paris and work full-time on a professional container shipping information platform called Alphaliner. 
I said “yes” over a glass of wine in a bistro and the rest is history. A few months later, I joined the team and moved to France. At the time, we were a team of twelve in AXSMarine. Now we are around 200 and I have been working out of the Hamburg office since 2014 

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