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Our Community - meet Stilyana Hristeva

Our Community - meet Stilyana Hristeva

As a Marketing Director at AXSMarine, Stilyana leads an international team of dedicated marketing professionals, and nurtures them to achieve their best performance. 

What inspires you the most in your work?

I know it sounds like an absolute cliché but it’s all about my colleagues and especially – my team. It’s that feeling of being part of a meaningful and shared-values community.
On top of that, every day is different, and I learn new things, which has been always a big motivator in my life: from what the latest trends in global seaborne iron ore flows are to what Google algorithms from yesterday require from a website to rank higher tomorrow.

How do you manage the work life balance?

When one’s looking for the so-called work-life balance, they’re actually looking for life balance.
At AXSMarine, I’ve found it!
The flexible working hours allow long walks with my dearest dog Sirma and help me clear my mind and unlock efficiency. Sometimes, I even bring her to the office so other colleagues’ creativity is also spoiled by her loving energy. 
Traveling to new places is another creativity booster of mine. My secret “to make it right” is just to be able to switch off when I'm on holidays. Regardless if it’s hiking to the nearest countryside mountain, or sweating in the deep Asian jungles, a complete unplug when I'm away is what recharges me and I’m deeply thankful that AXSMarine provides this opportunity to me.
Working from home to me means working more often from my homeplace – Plovdiv – and being closer to my family and loved ones. 
What can I say – I’m an awfully lucky person!

What is your favorite hobby and how does it help you in your role at AXSMarine?

My favorite hobby is painting. I enjoy the freedom of expression that comes with experimenting with abstract shapes and different textures on canvas. What I find fascinating about painting is how each person interprets my art in their own unique way.
One of the main connections I find between marketing and painting is communication. In order to be able to develop as an artist and marketer, it is important to understand human behavior and know how to build an emotional connection with the audience.
Another feature which I often encounter in my work routine is visual identity. Just like how art is used to create a unique visual identity for a painting, marketing uses branding to create a visual identity for a company. This includes elements such as the logo, messaging, and overall brand standards. Through my hobby, I’ve learned the importance of visual elements in conveying emotions and messages, and I apply this knowledge to my work in marketing.

If you could describe AXSMarine in one word, what would it be and why?

Community. We just care for and listen to each other. This openness is also transferred to the way we communicate with our clients and partners – transparency, trust, and care. Hand on heart, it’s the most people-centric organization I’ve seen in my life. Here, I feel free to manifest myself, to develop in different directions and to succeed every working day. 

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Younger Stilyana, never give up on trying new challenges and embrace failure.
In life, nothing is constant, and your future development depends on every choice you make. It’s important not to be afraid and to know that there’s a way out of every situation. Everything happens for a reason in life.
You’re a human being, and any change can bother you, but don't forget that you’re adaptable and determined.

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