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Our CO2 estimator provides an accurate estimate of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions based on measured voyage sequence and event breakdown thanks to AXSMarine Trade Flows and our proprietary speed and consumption curves.


Get CO2 Emissions information for a single vessel or an entire fleet.

With Full integration within AXSMarine's ecosystem: 


Calculate CO2 emissions and potential EUA cost associated to an individual voyage with Voyage estimator.


Tonnage list Ranking based on CO2 emissions, TCE & Voyage cost for a specific cargo in Shiplist.


Analyse historical and year to date CO2 emissions, CII, CII rating, EEOI and EUA financial exposure for a vessel or an entire fleet with Emissions Dashboard.




Beyond CO2 analysis

Visualize CO2 emissions, CII, CII rating EEOI, EUA financial exposure since 2013 for each vessel.

Get THE detail view on all voyages performed and their impact on Emissions and ratings.

Get access to AXSMarine unique and accurate methodology for CO2 estimation.

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The next-gen vessel manager

Quick access to CO2 calculations within a multiple-vessel grid.

Fully customizable results in accordance with user-input parameters.

Streamlined workflow lets you evaluate thousands of vessels at unprecedented speed.

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Stay ahead of the competition and within latest IMO regulations

Get results for multiple speed and consumption parameters.

Customize the fuel types your vessels use during each stage of a voyage.

Save your templates and share calculations with colleagues.

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Full EU Emissions Trading System compliance

Detect intra- or extra-EU legs for each voyage per EU ETS definitions.

Estimate total EUA CO2 emissions, EUA CO2 cost, and EUA Freight impact per voyage.

Get your results automatically with minimum user input required.

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