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Everything you need to stay on top of the Tanker market. At your fingertips.

Ship List

Manage all vessels in the entire Tanker fleet. Filter by a vast variety of technical and commercial parameters.

Monitor the competition, explore statistics.

Collaborate with your team, or export results privately.

Ship Info

Vessel's technical description, relevant questionnaires, AIS and commercial positions, fixture and trade history, Drive files.

Explore and update any data of your choice.

Port Info

Check out port layouts, berths or terminals. View vessels in port, historical port calls, ETA of incoming vessels.

Explore details, down to single berths and terminals.

Access and stay up-to-date with live or historical bunker prices.

Trade Flows

Monitor commodity flows and vessel trade patterns. Analyze clean and dirty products, volumes, fleet and charterer activities.

Macro- and micro-data breakdown of cargo flows between zones, countries, ports or berths.

Monitor your competition, their activities and fleets.

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Converts big data sets into easily digestible and interactive visual analyses.

Obtain insights about ship and commodity trends, ton-mile, fleet orderbook, demolitions' trends and more.

Customize ready-to-use reports by a variety of parameters to tell the stories your audience requires.

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Monitor all tanker fleets worldwide. Get a quick overview of the Top 30 by vessel count or combined deadweight.

Explore each fleet in detail. Eagle-eye view of its global positions and detailed data available.

Search through and export current and historic fleet change events.


Save your private and off-market fixtures to boost them with our extensive database.

Thousands of fixtures available for you to find and explore through multiple commercial filters.

Map View

An eagle-eye view of the tanker fleet worldwide.

Customize overview by multiple parameters for a quick glance of any segment or area.

Monitor the live position of any ship and see its live AIS data. Select "favourite" ships.

Select any Ship List to see the location of the vessels related to your business.


Idled Ships

Use multiple algorithms deciding whether a vessel has become stationary for an extended amount of time.

View results by vessel type and size, cargo type, and time period to explore the idle fleet in detail.


Live and historical data for all grades in over 300 ports available. View single bunkering locations or global prices at once.

Follow price trends and bunkering frequency at each location.


Calculate distance, time and fuel consumption between any combinations of locations. Consider ECA zones, Piracy and high-risk areas.

Find the most optimal route.

Results show consumption per leg and fuel type, voyage time, and actual distance to be sailed.

AIS Events

Examine vessel movements in and out of over 50,000 polygons.

View years of trade history.

Monitor and drill down to specific AIS events for single ships.

List Stats

Get statistics of open or AIS position counts for any Ship List you've created.

Daily variations in ship counts displayed graphically let you spot any trend over any period.


Store and organize documents and attachments for individual, team- or company-wide use.

Collaborate on documents with colleagues, grant and manage user rights.

Connect documents directly with vessels and ports to have them available in Ship Info or Port Page.


Open and discuss topics.

Post your comments in specific threads.

Customize your notifications by following specific topics.


Surveys your selected emails for ship and cargo data.

Pulls out relevant information and makes it immediately available in Ship List.

Automatically created and searchable tags.

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