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The entire Dry Bulk market at your fingertips. Quick and easy.

Ship List

Find all vessels physically or commercially able to make your desired laycan from your referred areas of ballasting. Filter by a multitude of vessel parameters.

Monitor competitors, create statistics.

Collaborate with your team, share and export results.

Ship Info

Vessel's technical description, commercial positions and fixture history, assigned mails, current AIS position, trade history, Drive files and mails.

Explore and update technical and commercial data.

Port Info

View port layouts, berths or terminals. See vessels currently in port, historical port calls, ETA of inbound vessels.

Explore details, restrictions or other operational info down to single berths and terminals.

Access port DAs and agents' contact info. Stay updated with current and historical bunker prices.

Trade Flows

Identify commodity flows and ship trading patterns. Analyse commodity types, volumes and charterer activities.

Macro and micro data breakdown of trade flows between zones, countries, ports or berths.

Monitor your competition's activities and their fleet deployment.

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Transforms big data sets into simple and interactive visual analyses.

Provides insights about vessel and commodity trends, ton-mile, fleet orderbook, demolitions' trends and more.

Filter ready-to-use reports by multiple parameters to tell impactful stories to your audience.

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List Stats

Create a timeseries of open or AIS position counts for any Ship List you've created.

Day-to-day fluctuations in ship counts visualized graphically help you spot any trend over any period.


Helps you find the best available ships for your business. Automated by Reader and integrated with Ship List and Estimator.

Manage and search private and market orders. Create Cargo Boards among your team.

Filter potential candidates, send them directly to Estimator, record rates and other commercial information, generate fixtures.

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Store your private and off-market fixtures to combine them with our public database.

Thousands of fixtures available for you to search and report multiple commercial filters.


Scans your selected mailboxes for vessel and cargo information.

Extracts relevant information for your immediate access in Ship List and Cargobook.

Automatically assigned and searchable tags.

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AIS Events

View and filter ship movements in and out of over 50,000 polygons.

See years of a vessel's trade history.

Explore and drill down to specific AIS events for individual vessels.

Map View

An eagle-eye view of the dry bulk fleet worldwide.

Filter by a variety of parameters for a quick overview of any segment, ships list or area.

Search the live position of any vessel and see all its AIS data. Follow "favourite" ships.

Choose any Ship List to see the location on any number of vessels related to your business.


Idle Fleet

Take advantage of multiple algorithms determining whether a vessel has remained stationary for prolonged periods of time.

Filter by vessel size and time period to examine the idle fleet in greater detail.


Combines your voyage details to calculate the NTCE, P&L or your required break-even cargo rate.

Fully integrated with our apps and data. Saves you time by automatically inserting speed and consumptions, distances, port restrictions, DAs, fuel types, bunker prices and stowage factors.

Compare different vessels to see which one provides the best return.


Data for all grades in over 300 ports available. Single out locations or view all prices at once.

Explore price trends and trade frequency in each location. Full integration with Estimator.


Calculate the maximum loadable quantity of cargo applying draft or cubic restrictions.

Account for stowage factor, water density and constants.

Use stand-alone or access from our Estimator.


Store and structurally file mails, attachments or local documents for personal, team- or company-wide use.

Share documents with colleagues, manage groups and grant user rights.

Link documents directly with vessels and ports to see them in Ship Info or Port Page.


Calculate distance, time and fuel consumption between unlimited combinations of ports. Account for ECA, Piracy and high-risk areas.

Find your optimal route.

Results detail consumption for each leg and fuel type, voyage time, and actual distance sailed. Use stand-alone or access from our Estimator.


View the Baltic Exchange indices. Current and historical data available.

Filter through dates to isolate fluctuations and trends.


Collaborate and discuss topics.

Post your messages to specific boards.

Manage your notifications by choosing which topics to follow and when.

Mobile App

Most time-sensitive features available on your mobile device.

Monitor the entire Dry Bulk fleet on the move.

Keep an eye on the latest bunker prices of multiple fuel types.

Proprietary datasets powered by live AIS feed.

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EU ETS Compliance

Multiple modules to estimate CO2 emissions, CII, and EU ETS allowances.

Total emissions, EUA CO2 cost, and EUA Freight Impact for individual vessels and voyage legs.

Automated detection of EUA per voyage.

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