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What we believe in

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.

Focus to create

We don’t know where life would take us, but we know how to rule the process. We focus on what’s important and put our energy, ideas and passion to create quality products.

We know that perfect things sound only on paper, and we strive to create working solutions and real progress instead of idealistic scenarios.

Innovate to grow

Since 2000, we learn constantly on how to become better at what we do. It’s vital to work and lead with ethics, integrity and trust.

We love to take creative approaches driven by our goal – creating meaningful products that make a difference.

Care to listen

Our customers’ success shows us we are on the right track and motivates us. We just care, we care about our teammates, our work, our data, our clients.

We take nothing for granted, we value everyone’s opinion and strive to bring out healthy collaboration.

Find your place

shipping data

We create meaningful jobs. Our teams work in Europe, Asia, and USA.

We invest in building a strong team relations and internal communication – we respect everyone’s beliefs and culture.

What we offer

maritime industry experts

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They say that ‘calm sailing doesn’t come from calm waters:
It comes from having a good navigator, a good crew and a good vessel.

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We try to apply this in our work every day – we count on our team leaders to encourage us and adjust the sail.

We are committed to empower freedom and self-motivated people learning new skills and applying them in real time issues.


We like spending time together - no matter if its in a conference call, at the office, at the table tennis or on outdoor meetups.