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One Night, Two Recognitions

One Night, Two Recognitions

A salute to excellence

The "Night of the Year" for the maritime bulk industry made a return in 2022 after an unprecedented two-year hiatus. Organized by the International Bulk Journal, this year's awards took place in Rotterdam. As usual, the event provided a unique networking opportunity for Dry Bulk professionals at a glittering occasion. 

All of AXSMarine's representatives at the event couldn't wait to share with the rest of us the absolute blast they had throughout the entire gala. 

Winning the Innovative Technology Award

It was a great honour to also receive an award in this atmosphere. AXSMarine was recognized by the IBJ for our Innovative Technology efforts throughout the year. This is the 7th time that we've shared the spotlight during IBJ's Night of the Year events.  

The Innovative Technology award is a true testament to the way our extensive portfolio optimizes overall workflow through its state-of-the-art combination of refined proprietary data and tools. In 2022, we’ve released a number of new tools aiding shipping professionals across all spectres of the industry. 

Our CO2 emissions calculator was a milestone achievement on the global stage as the first tool capable of easily tackling the IMO Greenhouse Gas guidelines. With the upcoming 2023 GHG Strategy revision, it allows users to quickly and easily estimate specific CO2 costs of every voyage, depending on the region of operation. Our CO2 calculator works with both the Energy Efficiency Operating Indicator (EEOI) using grams of CO2 per tonne-nautical mile, and the Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER) using grams of CO2 per deadweight-tonne-nautical mile. 

Our new releases in 2022 also include a Smart Calculator optimized for speed and workflow efficiency. This tool allows its users to see how a number of vessels would perform in the same voyage, thus letting a professional reach a decision at unprecedent speeds. 

But that wasn't all

Steve Fletcher, CCO at AXSMarine, was selected by the IBJ team for the Personality of the Year Award. We're super proud to have the leading status Steve has for the entire industry signified further by his personal award.  

Steve started his shipping journey 35 years ago, which took him from London through Hong Kong, Brazil and the US, before finally boarding our ship. He has been involved in the digitalization of the industry since before the start of this millennium. Steve's first experience with IT systems aiding shipping companies dates back to 1998. His experience has been an immeasurable attribute of success for AXSMarine ever since he joined us in 2006. There were just 11 of us in a small office in Paris and 17 years later it's a privilege for 200 of us across 8 countries to serve thousands of clients with tens of thousands of users.  

Hoping for many more to come

The IBJ 2022 Awards were organized with the usual flamboyance and glitter we've seen over the years. It was a great experience to be back amongst friends and colleagues after two ceremonies were held off due to global events.  

As evident by the glowing smiles of our colleagues, we hope to have the privilege of attending many more IBJ events in the future, and truly believe that the best is yet to come. We will continue on our path of evolution towards generating market intelligence in the means of transparency. With our never-ending mission of giving back to the shipping community, we are eagerly looking forward to seeing what we’ll able to achieve together over the next year. 

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