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From Manual Data Entry to Automated Custom Reports

From Manual Data Entry to Automated Custom Reports

According to Statista forecasts, humanity will have accumulated a total of about 94 zettabytes (that is, 94 trillion gigabytes) of data. The German company believes that by the end of 2025 that number will grow to exceed 180 zettabytes, whereas back in 2012 it stood at just 2.8 zettabytes. According to an IBM study, 90% of all data has been created in the last two years. It's estimated that it would take a single person over 100 million years to download all the data from the internet at an average speed of 100 Mbps.

Where does shipping fit in?

The shipping industry is no stranger to these processes with enormous amounts of digital data accumulated only in recent years. But the problem with big data is and always has been that is holds little value unless analyzed. According to the same research, only 0.5% of known data is analyzed, while tagged data stands at 3%. The massive swathes of data, most of them a result of manual entry by operators, have limited functionality without the proper tools to break them down into actionable info.

So how then can a shipping professional organize his vessels, fixtures, positions, cargoes, ports, bunkers, indices, and any other data-related entities into a coherent ecosystem that not only possesses the capability to store this data securely and reliably, but also analyze it and show trends in real time as they develop? The answer is that standard data-storage programs on the general market are simply not up to the task. This is where specifically tailored shipping software comes in.

The first level of the pyramid

At the base level, there's the standard manual user entry, be that Excel spreadsheets, custom documents, or your own datasets such as Lineups, Voyage Declarations, Noon Reports, etc. Data resulting from this input method could stand on its own or be integrated your own Business Managers.

At the same level, there are also your emails and your messengers' data, which can be challenging to keep up to date with, considering their sheer number. Here's where our AXSReader and AXSDrive modules come in. They're specifically designed to store, scan, translate and catalogue all your shipping contextual data, without the need for you to open a single email.

So what’s the next step?

If you're a user of our platforms, you also have access to our AXSMarine proprietary datasets, including vessels, ports, DAs, lineups, fixtures, sales, etc. Our data has the benefit of being boosted by AIS providers, official bunker prices, shipping indices, combined with our own sources to create our licensed datasets.

The next level on the road to automated custom reports takes all of the previous data and after an extraction and normalization process creates a huge pool of interconnected private and public data which you can reference and use directly in our modules.

The final stretch of the road

The next step comes with API Hub by AXSMarine. You can dive into the data pool from the previous level and extract whatever you need in accordance with your own parameters if you wish to feed it to your own environment. However, this is exactly what AXSInsights was created for, removing one step away from the process. By default, AXSInsights is an interactive solution working flawlessly with the huge data pool, allowing you to easily obtain comprehensive data. You can use the preset data visualizations already created in the platform, or you can request a custom report created to suit your specific business needs. Your reports in AXSInsights can be fully embedded in the AXSMarine environment, with links to existing modules like ShipInfo, PortInfo, Bunker Prices, etc. for extra interactivity.


If it sounds too simple to be true – trust us, it isn't simple. That's why we're taking all the complicated steps in the process, leaving you only to enjoy the end result.

Check out furter details about our time-saving solutions that have helped 18,000+ users worldwide.

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