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Thank you for growing with us.

2020 marks our second decade in the shipping industry.
20 years ago, we started as an early believer in the SaaS
system. With your help, we’ve evolved into a full
ecosystem of multiple integrated market intelligence
solutions. Building a shipping community, and helping it
benefit from digitalization, is the end-result of our
collaborative endeavours.

Back in 2000

… we found ourselves in the peak of the Dotcom Boom,
which saw the rise and fall of many companies struggling
to ride an ongoingly shifting wave. It all led us to where we
stand today – with numerous options available to
businesses for every facet of shipping. It’s the
proliferation of suppliers giving companies more options
but has also added complexity as it becomes harder to
find the right partners and apps for dynamically changing
industry needs.

We knew that using multiple service providers would
cause friction in the disconnect between your business
goals, providers you hire, software and data you use.
Which is why we provided you with an advanced
ecosystem of online based tools, data, complimentary
customer success and support services, and solutions to
create an ever-evolving experience for you.

Pioneering digital transformation
The evolution of shipping

Ever-evolving approach to mirror
the evolution of shipping

We recognized that harnessing innovation through
individual app features does not deliver remarkable
customer experience on its own. It's how well our stack of
apps work together, in concert across your entire journey.
By giving you the freedom to choose from a whole
package of multiple integrated solutions, we take pride in
letting you tailor unique experiences and business
capabilities that are seamlessly connected through a
common platform.

As we've developed our products over the past two
decades, you have led in that growth – to meet the
market’s highest standards – by ongoingly sharing your
challenges and recommendations. You played a vital role
in our mission to build a community and help over
10,000 users grow better together. We mark our 20th
anniversary today with you - thank you for being aboard
our ship all along!

Where to from now?

Going forward, there is no greater joy than knowing that
whatever challenges lie ahead, you and we are going to
tackle them just as we’ve done so far. Would you like a
sneak peek of what we have in the works?

Our developments will continue to provide you with
end-to-end solutions and flexibility to integrate data with
other systems. Our data and tools will keep on working in
concert to paint the most accurate picture of the market
for you. And do you know what's best – it’ll be a more
unified ecosystem than ever! Our upcoming products are
designed around our core values of absolute innovation
and providing as much functionality in a compact package
as possible. As you will soon witness yourself, all new
features are tightly interwoven for your ease of access
and speed of work.

With our never-ending
mission of giving back
to the shipping
community, we’re
eagerly looking
forward to seeing what
we’ll be able to achieve
together over the next
20 years and beyond!

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