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Alphaliner copyrights and terms of use

By using Alphaliner online Product(s) and/or Alphaliner Weekly Newsletter, and/or Alphaliner Monthly Monitor and/or any other Alphaliner publication(s), report(s), together or individually “Alphaliner Content”, Client and User(s) agree to the terms and conditions outlined below and to any future amendment or version of these terms which are to be read in conjunction with AXSMarine General terms and conditions of use https://public.axsmarine.com/axsmarine-gtc

1. AXSMarine is the owner and/or has authority to use the entirety of the rights relating to Alphaliner©, the Alphaliner Content, logos, trademarks, and any distinctive signs, together with the software, and any upgrade or development which may be made to Alphaliner Content shall be vested in and remain with AXSMarine, even when such upgrades or developments result from proposals from, or information provided by, any Client and/or User.

2. Any representation, reproduction, or redistribution, whether in all or in part, of the Alphaliner Content, logos, trademarks and/or any distinctive sign, software by any means whatsoever, without the prior written authorisation of AXSMarine, is forbidden and shall constitute an infringement of such copyrights and/or intellectual property rights.

3. In accessing Alphaliner Content, Client and User(s) recognise that the data composing it is legally protected and that, by way of example but without limitation, any extraction, reuse, storage, reproduction, redistribution, representation, or keeping, whether directly or indirectly, on any type of support, by any mean or in any form whatsoever of all or part of Alphaliner Content, whether or not qualitatively or quantitatively substantial is strictly forbidden without the prior written authorisation of AXSMarine.

4. Serial downloads of information or data from Alphaliner online Product(s) are not authorized and will lead to the cancellation of the Contract immediately without notice and without prejudice to AXSMarine’s rights.

5. Notwithstanding the above, it is expressly agreed that any Client and/or User is entitled to:

5.1 Continue to use, without restriction, any and all information or data which it has itself contributed to the Alphaliner online Product(s), and:

5.2. Extract, re-use, store, reproduce, represent, and keep information or data comprised in Alphaliner Content in a reasonable way for the sole purposes of internal and private use in the normal course of the Client and/or User’s business, and provided that the source of the information or data is expressly quoted as “Alphaliner”, and that there is no public redistribution of such Alphaliner Content.

5.3. Publish information, data, graph(s), figure(s) derived from Alphaliner Content expressly quoting “Alphaliner” as the source when such data, graph(s), figure(s) and/or information are used in presentations, reports, press articles, online publications and/or other media, provided that the volume of graphs and/or figures reproduced remains reasonable and limited in scope so that not to compete with Alphaliner online Product(s), Alphaliner Monthly Monitor, and/or Alphaliner Weekly Newsletter and/or Alphaliner publication(s), report(s).

6. Alphaliner Online Product(s) incorporate AIS data which includes copyrighted material of VesselTracker GmbH, exactEarth Ltd and SPIRE Global. All Rights Reserved.

7. AXSMarine is not the holder of any right (including copyright and any other rights of intellectual property) relating to the software or the content of any sites accessible by hyperlinks inserted in Alphaliner online Product(s). Client and User(s) nevertheless agree that they will not infringe or otherwise violate in any manner whatsoever any of the intellectual property rights which the owners or operators of any copyright or intellectual property may hold rights on in relation to such sites.

8. Although AXSMarine makes all its reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided through the Alphaliner online Product(s), Alphaliner Monthly Monitor, Alphaliner Weekly Newsletter, Alphaliner publication(s), report(s) is delivered in good faith as guidance only without guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. AXSMarine makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of the Alphaliner Content.

The Client and User(s) acknowledge that:

AXSMarine shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including, without limitation, any financial loss or damage) which could be suffered as a result of relying on the Alphaliner Content, downloading or processing of any file or information from Alphaliner online Product(s), or otherwise using any Alphaliner Content.

AXSMarine accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or omission in respect of Alphaliner Content which is provided on an “as is” basis and as guidance only, with no representation or guarantee of veracity or accuracy.

Any decision made based on Alphaliner Content is the sole responsibility of both the Client and User(s). No liability is accepted by AXSMarine for any damage caused by the use of Alphaliner Content.


Edition 18th January 2022